"Don't judge a book by its cover."
Get to know me, you might even like me.

I do not fit in this world, and so i shall make this world fit me.

My mum told me when i was little that i was too mature for my age. I laughed and shook it off. Ten years later, 22 of age, I realize she was more than right.

I wish a lot of things, but only 2 are very important to me. So important that i changed them from "dreams" to "goals". One of them would be a career in something i enjoy doing. My other goal is to be HAPPY. Yup, that's all that is to it.

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Having a talk with a teacher via email. Because the grade she gave me is fucking outrageous!

But obviously i’m diplomatic enough to be humble and just ask for explanations. Which she kindly offered. And they were complete and utter shit. She pretty much said i didn’t follow the essay body. 


I make lists. A lot. Including for projects. Especially for projects. And I always follow them. WHY THE FUCK would I not follow a list a TEACHER specifically gave?

So now I email-ed her back apologizing for my insistence and offered her a short resume of how my essay went. Then mentioned the notes and points I had written to to be followed. 

Waiting for a reply. She better re read my essay and think the fuck again. Because she just raped and pissed on my entire semester grade. I had straight A’s until this fucking thing came along.

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